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Mr. Ed's 2-Song Spotlight Presentation links
July 24, 2012 09:17 AM PDT

Note: For posted Ed's Mixed Bag episodes, scroll down below the last "spotlight link."



Funny Little Show

Grandpa Gaga

Another Season, Another Show

A Brief Jubilee

Ed's Fifth Symphony

Unknown & Known

Real Blues Power & Can't Cry Blues

Morning Crossing

From New York City to Sweden

A Giant Duet

Papa Moon

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

Classic Folk & New Music (explicit)


Rock 'N Folk

All Things Nice

Kisses and a Twin-Spin

Whiskey in Paris

From Heart to Heart

A Silent Stroll

Some Smart-Alec Kids!

When The Music Began

Sugar & Very Spicey

Winning Tunes, Hands Down!

Blue Clouds

Doves & Secrets

A Dandy Holiday Presentation - No Problem!

Let's Have A Laugh

A Tribute to Andy Griffith (RIP)

Two Sharp Bands

Royalty in the Studio

A Stan Freberg Spectacular!

Two on Tuesday

Let It Be Nutty

Must Be The Season For The Blues

Lost Between Two Shores

The British Are Coming

He Got His Metters Lixed

By Same Artist

Barry Myers In The House

Jeremy Fisher In The House

Clear Sailing

Indie From Italy Made In Heaven

Deep Purple & MTV

Time For Two Indies

One Marvelous Indie Artist

Here's David Bronson

Two Divas!

No More Coffee

What's Fair is Fair

Remember This One?

One Cover & Two Original Hits

The Martian Sky

Get On Board

Summer Lunatics

Two Nice Tunes

Entering A Musical Atmosphere

Lunch in Central Park

Blasts from the Past

Country & Then Some!

Corny Comedy

A Double Dip

A Bit of a Mad Mix!

New & Known

From the Garage & An Exotic Beauty

Tacos & Beer

A Meeting of Minds

Indie Then, Indie Now!

Singers From Both Coasts

Sunday Funnies

Luke Davids' Triple-Play

Jump Back

Distinct Styles

Pop All The Way!

Get Lost Isaac!

Back to Woodsongs

S&G Twin Spin

Brand New & Covered

Unsigned (Indie) Artists

It's A Family Affair

Some Good Fun Stuff

Minnesota Public Radio In The House

Two Very Recent Indie Track Postings


An Instant Cake and a Frozen Steak!

A Mystery Guest

Climb Up On My Knee

A Shorty

Hot Diggidy Dog!

Just Visiting!

The Beat Goes On

Let's Go Crazy, It's Friday!

The Valdons and a Diana Krall Tribute

An Unlikely Teaming

Back To The Indies

One From Here, One From There

I Don't Care For 47% of These Episodes!

A Blended Mix

Two Indie Divas!

Words Into Your Ears

East Coast and Mid-West

Highly Digestable!

Triple Play Today


Gettin' Down To It!

Episode 101 & A New Title

Two Extremes!

The Young & The Restless

Let Me In Here!

Hurry Up & Order What You Want

Record and Send Some Feedback

Where's Jared When You Need Him?

Let's Hear It For Mond a y . . .

Our On-The-Spot Reporter

Hey Dude!

Ten, Eleven, Twelve!

Please Help Support Woodsongs

Hey, How'd They Get In Here?

Good God Don't Jump!

Dallas and the Mayor of Kentucky

Two Wild and Crazy Tracks!

A Saturday Twin-Spin


Another Week!

A Little Jazz and Dance Today!

Bringin' It All Back Home!

It's A Rockin' Party!

No One's Perfect!

A Pre-Halloween Mix

Spooks, Country, Rock, and Certified Nuts!

Power To The People

Two More Great Tunes

What Is Pie?

Turn Your Clocks Back!

Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday!


The Happening!

We Choose To Go To Mars!

Expect The Unexpected!

Flaunt It, If You Got It!

Lend Me Your Ears!

Who's Psychopathic?

A Quick Study

Something Different

Today and Yesterday


Just A Gust of Wind!

The Snooze

Feast On These!

Eat Too Much?

Here's A Bargain

Jump Back in the Alley

It's A Party-Time Tuesday!


The Soup of the Day

Easy Rollin'

It'll Set Your Teeth On Edge!

Waiting in the Wings

Open The Floodgates

Picking Up The Pace

Delivering The Goods

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Music To My Ears

Under A Cloud

Pie In The Sky!

Mr. Ed's Christmas-Chanukah Special

Laying It On Thick

Make It Snappy!

There's Madness Everywhere

Well-Oiled Machine

Time To Step Your Game Up!

Does This Rock?

Merry Christmas!

Two From Minnesota Public Radio

Who Remembers Podsafe for Peace?

All Karmyn!

Spotlight On Christmas Eve

All Hell Breaks Loose!

Two Mints In One

On A Roll

To The Top!

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!

Nice As Pie!

Jazzing It Up!

The Music Is All Around Us!

Get Up Off That Thang!

See If It's Your Thing!

Who's On Your Playlist?

Now Hear This!

Try 'Em On For Size

with Next Day Free Delivery!

Trend Setters!

The Fancy Pants Parade!

A Little Help From A Friend

Is There A Musical Cliff?

Something Different

Some Cowboys and Some Indians

Twice Be Entertained

Boost Your Joy Today!

Milestone Approaching


Is There Anybody Out There?

Where To Next?

The One After 200!

A Podtastic Twin-Spin!

I've Got A Million Of 'Em!

And That's Enough

Flip Out Over This!

Voices Out of Nowhere

Give Us A Wink!

We Be Fixin' It

Keepin' It Simple

Spilt Milk

Asteroids and Meteoroids

Hiya Joe!

Got Ten Minutes?

A Double-Play

Walking The Quetzal

Twice A Day!

One Long Ringtone!

And Tonight Mr. Ed Is Topping The Bill

Indicate Precisely What You Mean To Say

Warming Things Up!

Cool Tunes!

Open Our Eyes

Now Hear This!

A Double Malted Milk

The New Talent Is Here!

She Weighs 18 Stones!

Easy Rollin'

A Change of Pace

Gather 'Round

Now and Then

Tell Me More

Two Gems In One

Jump Back In The Alley

Sounding Good

Friends, Romans, Countrymen. . .

Come and Get It!

I Wanna Tell The World

Would You Believe 200?

Hoof Hearted (say it fast)

Jingle Jangle Jingle

Mellow Gold

Those Were The Days

In New Clothes

The Sound of Indie

Smoke on the Water

Swing Into Spring

One For You, Nineteen For Me


Like Pins and Needles

A 'Spotlight' Special

Acoustically Speaking


Thanks for the Pepperoni

Grandpa Rocks!

Nothing To Loose

That Was The Week That Was!

The Indie Music Tank!

From Sunny Florida

I Don't Even Sing In The Shower!

Things That Make You Go Aahh!

Everything Was Right

Maddening Monday!

All I Really Need

Meanwhile, Back At The Barnyard . . .

A New Sombrero

Ed's New Helper

Sun Streaking Cold

Ukulele Fest


Jump Back In The Alley (Part 2)

How's Your Kreel?

Crawling Under A Rock!

Nothing To Get Hung About!

The Time Is Right

Slightly Longer Than Usual

Tweak Your Ears!

Next Week Is Coming

And Another Thing

Indie Lovers Unite!

Buckle Up!

Shifting Gears!

A New Destination

These Folks Voted No!

Indy 500 & Two Tunes

What's On Your Playlist?

Make Me Smile

What Episode Number?

The Brits Are Here!

Episode 300, So What!

The Genre-Free Zone

The Best Music Podcast Anywhere!


Here's Lookin' At Ya!

A Piece of the Sky

Set The Stage

Lend Me Your Ear!

Discover New Music

Playing The Best Of Indie Music!

Drinkin' All Day?

The Podcast With More Appeal

Over The Top!

The Show That Never Ends

Lonely Days Are Gone!

Funk & Wagnalls

It's Podtastic!


Home Again is Always Nice!

Will You Sign Up?

The Podcasting Back Story

The Warmth of a Burning Sun

F i r e w o r k s !

Something Fishy Here!

Whose Show Is This Anyway?

600th Podcast!

Up In Smoke!

Make Monday Your Funday!

Down That Long Tunnel of Time

Packing A Powerful Punch!

Killing or Murder?

And The Verdict Is . . .

Minor Cutback

The Heat of the Moment

You Know My Name

Don't Be Long

A Cyber Double-Header

The Royal Blue Baby

Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?

Put On Your Hi-Heel Sneakers

All That And A Bag Of Chips!

Nearing Your Destination

Across The Big Pond

A Two-Song Bargain

A Labor of Love

OK Split-Pea Whatta You Want?

Spaghetti On Low Heat

Hot Times!

Silly & Wacky

A Bundle of Words

The Podcast With The Romantic Touch

Talking Too Much!

A Knuckle Sandwich


Now We're Talkiin'

End-of-Week Show

As Life Goes Drifting By

Across The Swamp of Time

In The Palm of Your Hand

And Here's To You

Got Music?

Party At Your House

The Spotlight Returns!

Back On Track

The Butterfly of Love

Don't Get Me Started!

On The Lighter Side

Savor The Sweet Life!

Open For Business

Boats Against The Current

Of Course, Of Course!

You'll Come Running Back

That's No Lie!

I Don't Want This Weekend To End

A Soft Beginning

Making Your Mind Boggle!

Another Day In The Park

Pirates in a Different Life

Along The Same Road

Like Steroids For Your Ears!

Its A Killer!

The Crazy Side of Me

Don't Look Behind You!

Don't Turn Around!

Mr. Ed's Spotlight Weekend Edition

An Endless Sea of Tunes!

It's Time For Tea!

Something Different

Just A Little Cloudy

Turn It Up!

One Foot In The Future

Doctor Good

Take That Thing Right Outta Here!

Indie Holiday Music Time!

Keep Your Spirits Up!

You Said It!

Who's A Turkey?

Gobble Gobble!

Turkey In The Straw

A New Feature

Back In The Saddle

Hard To Come By

Phone Home

Just Because

To The Top!

The Cream of the Crop

Movin' On


Hot & Groovy

Seven Days & Counting!

Chilly, in Florida?

TGFGC (Thank God For Gift Cards)

Spotlight on Christmas Eve 2013

But That Was Yesterday!

Looking Ahead

New Year's Eve Special

In The Year 2014

The Friday Drop!


A Final Hurrah!

It Is What It Is

Podsafe Classics

Let's Do This!

Who's Scotty?


Oui Oui Monseur


Arctic Outbreak

He Should've Known Better

A Podcast #Shout

Coming Home

Once In A Generation

Like A Hockey Rink!

Keep Them Honest


We Told You So

Meet Me At The Bamboo Room

A Complete Impossibility

Dance Party

Land of Storms

All Bets Are Off!

Slammin' The Blues

Going Hog Wild

One Great Mix

Up In Flames

Getting My Mords Wixed

Spores, Mold, & Fungus

Up For Grabs!

Here To Help With A Tune

Looking Back

Fumbling On

Sizzling Sounds

Compared to What?

A Musical Shout

Get A Grip!

Worry Free & Podsafe!

Pieces of a Puzzle

Runnning Out of Steam?

A Connected World

It Suits Everyone!

Check Their Sites

How Deep Is Your Love Of Music?

The Latest & Greatest!

Reason Escapes Me

A Change Of Plans (#464)

Here I Am Again (#465)

Something Full of Urgent Haste (#466)

The Air Was Caressed With A Song (#467)

The Morning Beckons (#468)

The Night Was Drowned In Stars (#469)

Turning The World Topsy-Turvey (#470)

A Constant Stream of Rhythmic Memories (#471)

An Eager and Thirsty Ear (#472)

A Hard Week (#473)

Falling Into A Dreamy Silence (#474)

Flash of Witty Irrelevance (#475)

The Air Was The Tang Of Spring (#476)

An Enchanted Circle (#477)

In The Face Of Smarting Disillusions (#479)

Peering Above The Horizon (#480)

Trouble Gathered On His Brow (#481)

Unfathomed Depths and Impossibilities (#482)

Lingering A Few Leisurely Seconds (#483)

An Air Of Wistful Questioning (#484)

The Eye Of An Eagle (#485)

A Perfect Carnival of Fun (#486)

Are You Ready For This? (#487)

Feverish Tide Of Life (#488)

Falling Into A River (#489)

Take The Straw-Poll (#490)

Change The Name? (#491)

Circling The Wagons (#492)

Ever Heard Of Esperanto (#493)

Sometimes Angels Cry (#494)

Getting The Job Done (#495)

Grass Roots Special (#496)

A Few Minutes With Mr. Ed (#497)

Podsafe Classics (#498)

Episode 500 !

Tune In, Turn On, & Dropbox (#501)

All About You (#502)

Out Of The Blue (#503)

In The Realm Of Possibilities (#504)

There's Only One! (#505)

On A Silver Platter (#506)

Indie Music Never Felt So Good! (#507)

Two Tunes To Go Please! (#508)

Hey, Wrong Show Buddy (#509)

Connect The Dots (#510)

With Or Without A Tie (#511)

More Than You Expect! (#512)

Last Chance To Say 'I Do' (#513)

You've Found The Fun Zone (#514)

It's Such A Numbers Game (#515)

Like Nothing You've Ever Heard Before! (#516)

When In Doubt, Don't! (#517)

Indie Music Time (#518)

The Coolest Podcast (#519)

Pushing The Limits (#520)

There's Only One! (#521)

The Woodsongs Special (#522)

My Grandson & Me (#523)

Another Day With Kiddo! (#524)

Shining Brighter Than Ever! (#525)

On Fire! (#526)

The Late Show I'm NOT! (#527)

Hooked On Indies Music (#528)

A Mid-Summer's Day Dream (#529)

A Short Comedy Fest (#530)

Nothing Else Like It! (#531)

A Musical Diversion (#532)

New Sounds (#533)

Taking Flight (#534)

A Bell-Ringer! (#535)

Full-Bodied Flavor (#536)

In The Limelight (#537)

Coming On Like Gangbusters! (#538)

Free Pickin' (#539)

A Good Fit (#540)

Lay It On Thick (#541)

Back To Basics (#542)

Step Your Game Up! (#543)

Ten Years After (#454)

Phew! (#545)

No Sign of Love Behind The Tears (#546)

A Little Piece of Paradise (#547)

The Moment's Right! (#548)

The Fun Is Back (#549)

Under One Roof (#550)

Heading For The Hills (#551)

A Twin-Spin (#552)

Plowing Ahead (#553)

Your Indie Mix (#554)

Top of the Line (#555)

Unleashing The Tunes (#556)

Just What You Love (#557)

Your Indie Music Connection (#558)

True Style (#559)

A Memorable Mix (#560)

Great Tunes Live Here (#561)

Your One-Stop, Fun-Stop (#562)

First & Exclusive! (#563)

It's A Gas! (#564)

We Have The Tunes! (#565)

The Planet's Best In Indie Music (#566)

A Sweet Surprise! (#567)

Spotlighting Talented Artists (#568)

What's The Buzz? (#569)

The Week Rolls On! (#570)

A Perfect Little Show (#571)

Discover New Music (#572)

Riding the Indie Music Wave - Episode 273
May 15, 2012 12:00 AM PDT
itunes pic

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1] The Shakes - "Liberty Jones" {pmn}
2] Robert Nix - "Should You, Should I" {YouTube} - {CD Baby}
3] Podcaster's Tid-Bit Audio Clip (Jack Benny and Mel Blanc)
4] Freeky Cleen (photo lower-left) - "Bleedin' Me" {pmn}
5] Kim Edwards - "It Was Me (rainy day version)" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
6] Promo - The Johnny Rockin' Music Show
7] ELAN - "Bad Days Are Gone" " {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
8] The Onion Radio News
Ilya Polishchuk in Ukraine, aka Freeky Cleen9] Green Tea - "Run" " {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation} - {YouTube}
10] Matt Wilson Band - "Facebook" " {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation} - {pmn}
11] On this day in Blues history (P.W. Fenton)
12] Matt Tyler - "Fallen Angel" {YouTube} - {MySpace}
13] Youth Sounds - "Burn Out" {LaFamos}
14] Daniel Robinson - "Heroes In The Sky" {LaFamos} - {Facebook}
15] Reggae Far East - "Weeds" {pmn}

Note: I forgot to give a description of the album art during the show. For this episode, #273, the album art shows the Super Moon at 11:34p.m., est, as it appeared over my apartment complex. My point & shoot camera couldn't handle the moonlight, but created a neat "star of Bethlehem" net effect!

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Old Friends, New Friends - Episode 272
April 30, 2012 12:00 AM PDT
itunes pic

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1] Maria Daines - "Rollin' " {pmn}
2] Freeky Cleen - "Heavy Rain" {pmn}
3] Podcatcher's Tid-Bit Audio-Clip (Jesse Ventura)
4] Bakelite 78 - "What The Moon Has Done" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
5] Promo - Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag
6] DIAMANTE - "Panic" {LaFamos} - {Reverbnation}
7] On this day in Blues history (P.W. Fenton)
8] The Morrisons - "Listen To Your Heart 2012" {pmn}
9] Sunday Lane - "A Little Too Young" {LaFamos} - {Facebook}
1 0] Justin Levinson & The Valcours (feat. Liz Longley) - "I Was So Wrong" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
11] The Onion Radio News
12] Green Tea - "Indigenous" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
13] Emily Jones - "Collective Torpid Delirium" {pmn}
14] Lay Low - "The Backbone" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
15] Beam Engines - "Final Day" {pmn} - {MySpace}

Note: Contained in this episode, although not in the above list, is a follow-up interview with my daughter Elisa, currently living & teaching in Barcelona, Spain

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Who's Got The Booty? - Episode 271
April 15, 2012 12:00 AM PDT
itunes pic

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1] Lee Coulter - "Booty Voodoo" {pmn}
2] Jeff Ronay - "Carlos and Me" {pmn}
3] The Onion Radio News
4] Colin McGrath - "Yellow Brick Man" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
5] Promo - The Johnny Rockin' Music Show
6] Steven Emerson - "Paper Crown" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
7] Devirose - "Awake To Love" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
8] On this day in Blues history (P.W. Fenton)
9] Melanie Phippard - "Suddenly" {Ariel} - {Facebook}
10] Stillman - "Eton Mess" {Facebook} - {YouTube}
11] Ed Grisamore - "Vinyl Spins Its Way Back In Our Hearts" (from his "Gris & That" album) {About} - {Facebook}

Rod Clemmons (Ariel)12] Rod Clemmons (photo left) - "I Love My Music" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
13] Lexie Roth - "Stay Or Go" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Facebook}
14] Promo - Podcasting Passion
15] Pheroze - "Crows At The Swine" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
16] Johnny Reade - "Desperate Women" {pmn}
17] 3Kisses - "All That Matters Is Love" {pmn}
18] Bus Stop Dreams - "Let Us Light A Fire" {pmn}
19] Dreamwalk - "Simple" {pmn} - {Facebook}

Note: "Stray Voices" courtesy of Buffalo Bob Smith and yours truly!

Ed's "live" - almost daily (q&d) WHIAA Episodes

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Out Like A Lamb - Episode 270
March 31, 2012 12:00 AM PDT

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1] The Reverse Engineers - "Mercury in Retrograde" {pmn}
2] Neil Smith - "Occupy A Job" {pmn}
3] The Robbie Boyd Band - "I Won't Let You Go" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
4] Divine Punishment - "The Heights of the Clouds" {pmn} - {MySpace}
5] The Onion Radio News
6] Sid Bernstein - "Crying, feat. Deidre Broderick" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Facebook}
The Frank Herzberg Trio7] The Frank Herzberg Trio (photo left) - "Don't Talk Crazy" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Facebook}
8] The Wee Trio - "The Man Who Sold The World" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
9] On this day in Blues history (P.W. Fenton)
10] Lord Zarquon and The Legendary Ten Seconds - "Please help me" {pmn}
11] The Spinto Band - "Take It" {Facebook} - {YouTube}
12] Midwest Hype - "Do Or Die" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {YouTube} - {Reverbnation}
13] Max Carmichael - "Date With Destiny" {Reverbnation} - {pmn}
14] Thomas King - "Stay With Me" {LaFamos} - {YouTube}
15] Brandon McHose - "Late Night" {Miles High Productions}
16] Sweet Diss and the Comebacks - "Hey Indie Girl" {pmn}

Ed's "live" - almost daily WHIAA Episodes

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The Hits Just Keep On Comin' - Episode 269
March 16, 2012 12:00 AM PDT
itunes pic

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1] Mark LaForme - "Do What You Gotta Do" {pmn}
2] Art Decade - "Western Sunrise" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {YouTube}
3] Promo - Podcasting Passion
4] Ed Hale - "New Orleans Dreams" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
5] The Onion Radio News
Adam Cross

6] Bus Stop Dreams - "Come Together" {pmn}

7] Fools For Rowan - "Burnt Around The Edges" {LaFamos} - {YouTube}
8] Ed's Vinyl Vault (my choice)
9] Adam Cross (photo left) - "Dance" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
10] The Valery Trails - "This Town" {pmn}
11] On this day in Blues history (P.W. Fenton)
12] Ukulele Jim - "If I Could Only Keep Your Love" {pmn}
13] Doug Folkins - "Man Of The Hour" {pmn}
14] Alona Raevska - "Conversations With My Soul" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
15] Judith de los Santos - "Everything" {Facebook} - {YouTube}
16] Green Apple Independent Group - "Short Improvisation" {pmn}
17] Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon - "Listen" {pmn}
18] Nicky Cairney - "Golden Gates" {pmn}
BONUS TRACK: Trey Green - "I Wanna Rock n Roll" {pmn}

Ed's "live" - almost daily WHIAA Episodes

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Less of Me, More Indie! - Episode 268
February 29, 2012 12:00 AM PST
itunes pic

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1] Todd Lerner - "Song For Free" {pmn}
2] Darius Lux - "Way That It Goes" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
3] Promo - Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag
4] The Morrisons - "Southern Soul" {pmn}
5] Asatron - "Love To Fight" {pmn}
6] On this day in Blues history (P.W. Fenton)
7] Chad Scott - "You Give Me Good Love" {YouTube}
8] The Onion Radio News
9] The Hang - "Anthem" {pmn}
10] The FuMP - "Penguins Are Disgusting by The Chris Waffle Experience" {pmn}
11] Daniel Levi Goans - "Guess I'd Better Take Off My Shoes" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
12] Ed's Vinyl Vault (Listen to find out my choice pick!)
13] Robert Nix - "Walk Down The Street" {YouTube}
Abby Holden (LaFamos)14] Lila Rose - "Heart Machine" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
15] Markeisha Ensley - "Maybe" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
16] Superstar Runner - "You Have A Beautiful Voice" {LaFamos}
17] Amanda Lamb - "Starcrossed Heartbeat" {LaFamos}
18] Abby Holden (photo above) - "Everything" {LaFamos}
19] Jason Cassidy - "What If" {Bender Music Group} - {YouTube}

Ed's "live" - almost daily WHIAA Episodes

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Valentine's Day Edition - Episode 267
February 21, 2012 10:28 AM PST

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1] Matthew Ebel - "Downtown" {pmn}
2] Csharp* - "Don't Come Searching" {pmn}
DIAMANTE (LaFamos)3] Promo - Podcasting Passion
4] The Wee Trio - "Battle For Britain" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {Reverbnation}
5] DIAMANTE (photo left) - "Impossible" {LaFamos) - {Reverbnation}
6] Podcaster's Tid-Bit Audio Clip (Tokyo Dan on Tokyo Metpod - "The Octagon Theory" Facebook site)
7] Neely - "You and Me" {Facebook} - {YouTube}
8] Chairlift - "Met Before" {Facebook}
9] The Onion Radio News (Idiot Man-Child)
10] Yamasaki - "mister sister" {pmn}
11] Zenon - "Love You forever" {Manilla PR} - {Facebook}
12] Pitbulljones - "Chapter One" {pmn}
13] Dale Goodridge - "Crash" {Facebook}
14] Ed's Vinyl Vault (submitted by Laurena, Grit PR)
15] The Onion Radio News (Internet Collapse)
16] Dirty Little Billy - "Still Life" {LaFamos}
17] On this day in Blues history (P.W. Fenton)
18] Tom Fuller - "Ask" {Bender Music Group}
19] Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret - "Dirty Valentine" {pmn}

*Heard as content on the "Michael Moss Music Diddy"

Ed's "live" - almost daily WHIAA Episodes

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